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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fast Paleo and Banana Fauxmeal

I'm not usually a big recipe girl. I'm lazy, a pretty good "throw it together" cook, and use whatever I have on hand. Unfortunately though that lends itself towards having a lot of the same meals over and over. I think that often moms tend to get into a big food rut. Spaghetti, tacos, soup, etc. week after week. And I think in many ways once you go paleo, and especially in the beginning, it's even worse. You come up with a handful of paleo meals that you actually are fine with eating often without getting sick of them and that's an easy paleo place to be. But what fun is that? I want to try short ribs. And pork belly. And I want almond flour crusted asparagus. And Indian food. And thai food. And more Italian food (Everyday Paleo Italian please hurry up and be released! And she's doing Thai food next I think. YAY~!)

So I'm going to start trying new recipes. UGH. I really don't want to LOL. It's easy to just make roast or meat sauce over green beans. Mexican meat and veggies with premade guacamole I can make and enjoy in my sleep. I have six kids. Trying new recipes is just one more thing to add to my plate. I want to pout and tell myself not to do it. Ugh again. At the same time I want my family to enjoy food. I want my children to leave my home for the world as people who can cook great tasting food for their friends and family. AND on top of it what a waste of the amazing paleo blogs, cookbooks, and paleo recipe sites.

Today I tried a new recipe. It's not a huge intricate dish. In fact it's so simple I'm almost embarrassed to put it as my "tried a new recipe" post. At the same time both my daughter and Cassie and I were raving about how yummy it was and what a treat it would make for those rare breakfast days I think I'll die if I eat another vegetable with my breakfast (yes those days DO happen!). I love kale and can eat it literally every day but once in a while (usually close to a hormonal time of the month) my body says "carbs please". I'm learning (and it's tough I tell ya) not to be afraid of those times and am trying to say "sure body, just this once". I always feel better when I am not afraid of the carbs.

Okay so I got the recipe off the Fast Paleo website. It's a recipe sharing website. Um.... love. Like other recipe sites it has all sorts of categories of food but FastPaleo has a couple awesome different categories as well. One is 21 day Sugar Detox recipes! I plan on doing this soon so I was stoked to see that. It also has a Civilized Caveman recipes. Honestly that man cranks out an endless stream of amazing looking recipes. How cool that the site has a section just for that. Now in theory he might run the site but I don't have any idea if he does. And there's a game section. Going and shooting a moose is definitely paleo. And with a husband who likes to shoot squirrel I need to start reading that section.

Anyways, so onto my anti-climactic recipe HA! "Faux" meal. It's supposed to be oatmealish. I'm not sure if it's oatmealish but it's DElish. I didn't take a picture because I didn't have any nuts, any fruit, etc. to put on it and it just looked like plain ole mush. So I'm going to use her amazing picture and wish I had fresh strawberries when I made mine. But I won't post the recipe so you can run over to Fast Paleo and then to her site.
This recipe is truly the easiest thing you could ever make and BOY how it satisfied the carb monster that was hounding me. SO delicious. And it wouldn't be expensive to make enough for everyone. And if you were to get cheap marked down more black bananas, it could be cheap. I just bought a huge thing of slightly overripe bananas for 29 cents a pound. Cheap. But it's super sweet, soft, warm, yumminess. And honestly with a little dark chocolate crumbled on top? Now THAT would have rocked my socks off. Strawberries and chocolate? Yeah that's the kind of breakfast this hormonal gal needs. No comments and emails about nutrient density with my chocolate banana split breakfast that I'm pining away for now.

The recipe basically has three ingredients and since I forgot baking soda mine was only two ingredients. Nom nom. Here's the Fast Paleo link to the recipe. And to the author's site OurPaleoLife which has amazing recipes too.

The next couple recipes on my Fast Paleo queue are Sweet Potato French Toast and Butterscotch Cookies. Those cookies look so good!

So that's that. Later peeps.