This blog is going to try and answer the million questions I get about how I manage to afford eating paleo with six kids and "What do you EAT?!" and the even more asked question of "What do your kids eat?!", throw in an occasional "How do you have time to cook three meals a day?" We live a normal and crazy life with a house full of crazy kids, endless laundry, weeds in the garden, and a growing desire to not be satisfied with poor health. I homeschool, garden, Crossfit, eat paleo, have SIX kids, three dogs, lots of chickens, love the Lord, and am trying to honor Him through finding true health both physical and spiritual.

Getting Started

I plan on filling this out over time with tidbits of what I've learned or what I will learn as we move forward in this. For now leave my silly little blog and go to these links from amazing seasoned bloggers and authors who have lived this for so much longer than I have and have been able to look way back and see what helped them the most.

Books - okay I admit that due to finances I haven't been able to read many of the amazing paleo books out there. I have been fortunate enough to hear both Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib speak but aside from that the internet has been truly my paleo resource of choice. I will add books as I read them.

It Starts with Food - Now this book I have and have read. This is where I began. It Starts with Food is definitely where I encourage people to start to really start thinking about food differently. It breaks down the science in simple language of each of the major inflammation causing foods paleo avoids. It breaks down the workings of our hormones like insulin, cortisol, leptin, and all the major players. I explains that fabulous term that if you haven't seen everywhere in paleoland you will....nutrient density. The idea that everything you eat either supports good health in your body or it doesn't seems so simple but really helps me every day.

Practical Paleo - Such a beautiful book. Dianne breaks down all the paleo basics including leaky gut, autoimmune protocol, and all those terms that you will read all over the place. Gorgeous pages, a rockin collection of recipes, and a basic and even more than basic paleo informational primer.

Blog Posts - There are a few "What is Paleo?" type blog posts that are must reads. Once reading all of these you will know pretty much everything to get started AND you will be obsessed with wanting to keep reading those amazing people's blogs. They are SO inspiring!
What is the Paleo Diet? - Robb Wolf
Primal Blueprint 101 - Mark Sisson - now I should say I don't necessarily agree with all of the evolution science of this site. But honestly there is more information on that page than I have even been able to read myself! Those definitive guides? Wowza.
What is Paleo? - Dianne Sanfilippo
Start Here - Sarah Ballantyne the amazing PaleoMom

Blogs - I'm not sure I will do this section justice as man there are endless amazing bloggers out there and if I were to list them all it would take me weeks. There are my main reads at the moment.

The Heavies - the science-y heavies of the paleo/primal world.
Mark's Daily Apple - Mark Sisson.... boy that man is the cream of the crop of paleo information. I'd say he is on the top 3 paleo reads on anyone's list. Anyone.
Chris Kresser - I LOVE the science of all this stuff and Chris makes me geek out. Love.Cholesterol and BPA and all that kind of good stuff!
Robb Wolf - Robb is a former research biochemist so we all know he makes me geek out too.

The Paleo Moms - these ladies are doing this while raising kids, healing their struggling bodies, exercising, and are just WEALTHS of information and inspiration!!
ThePaleoMom - Sarah is a PHD holding scientist paleo mom. Be still my heart. She has struggled dearly with autoimmune issues and has written a book coming out in the fall about healing autoimmune issues through paleo.
Paleo Parents - No one can hear about paleo moms without talking about this duo. Okay technically this isn't a paleo mom blog but it feels like one to me despite her amazing husband Matt being an active role in it all. Lots of amazing family friendly food, which we all need right? They inject humor into everything and above all, stacy feels like the most REAL paleo mom out there. I feel like I could just walk up to her and we would hit it off instantly.
Everyday Paleo - Sarah is the cutest sweetest woman in the world! I saw her speak here in Nashville and she has such a balanced approach to feeding her family all while writing a slew of insanely good cookbooks and making scrumptious food.
Balanced Bites - Dianne is another one who jumps from ice cream pops to thyroid issues to meatballs to carb ratios. It's basically the perfect paleo blog.
Against All Grain - Danielle I swear is the Martha Stewart of paleo and everything she touches turns to gold. I love Martha for that same reason. She sucks me in with her gorgeous pictures and food.
The Clothes Make the Girl - she has some of the most approachable recipes out there. Her cookbook is awesome and everyone should have it. She is fit and fabulous and fun.
PaleOMG - Boy does she have a lot of recipes. Amazing endless recipes!
And last but certainly not least,
NomNomPaleo - while their life seems so different than mine everything they cook is food p*rn. They cook what I would in a money-free perfect world. They have a great paleo app with recipes galore. And I can't wait until I get a tad smaller to where I'd feel comfortable wearing one of her nomnompaleo shirts because they're hands down my favorite shirt out there.

Podcasts - Coming Soon - I'm tired and need sleep. :)

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