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Monday, April 22, 2013

Doctor Oz and Paleo

So today was the long-anticipated Doctor Oz episode that talked about the "Paleo Diet CRAZE". Yes I watched. What kind of stay-at-home paleo mom would I be if I weren't watching Dr. Oz in the afternoon? (A normal one with concern for true health actually!).

I had watched the episode where he had the amazing Gary Taubes on and it was pretty terrible. Dr. Oz was combative IMO, and he did this terrible week-long low carb thing that was just so preposterous and nothing like a good low-carb diet should be. Low and behold he didn't feel great after and preceded to tell everyone how it's not that great for you. So I was not expecting much. BUT..... I was pleasantly surprised.

I knew they were having good well spoken credible guests on to talk about paleo but hey Gary Taubes  rocks my socks off and Dr. Oz still went at him. But good old Dr. Oz seemed pretty pro-paleo. It left me a tad stunned and still I am wondering what happened. I mean clearly that guy HAS to have some sort of agenda right? How can he go from whole grains will save your life to "paleo can heal health problems!" overnight? Whiplash much? So he seemed to really like the whole concept. And he was very clear that the most preconceptions that people have about it are false. Paleoista did a good job of showing that veggies, good proteins, and good fats aka nutrient rich foods are the core of eating paleo.And Dr. Loren Cordain is so intelligent and well-spoken and came across BEYOND credible. Woot woot.

Now I did have a little pet peeve..... So I'm not a paleo nazi. I'm a normal struggling mom like the rest of the moms out there. But it still rubbed me the wrong way when Paleoista lady started talking about three cheat meals a week. I don't hear anyone in the paleo community saying things like that. Do people eat things that may not be 100% paleo? Sure. Are there occasions where even famous bloggers out there eat a raw organic dairy ice cream with no guilt? Of course. BUT they never say things like "three cheat meals a week is allowed' because eating paleo is not a diet. I wanted to chuck a shoe at the screen when she did that because she threw the entire notion of paleo eating being a way of life and made it sound clearly like a diet. And 75 pounds in 6 months? Oy. Diet wording number 2,992. Not a fan of all that.

And the food was okay but where were braised short ribs? Or something that looked a little less like chicken over salad and more like delicious amazing food that makes everyone salivate? It looked a tad like diet food. Oh well, can't win em all.

The best part were the two ladies with hard-core health issues that had their lives changed through this amazing anti-inflammatory diet we all call paleo. It has changed my life and pain and I am over-the-moon that people are going to go Googling "paleo" to help with their health issues. So many lives are going to be changed simply because Dr. Oz decided he was going to be pro-paleo this time. So good on you Dr. Oz!

They have a little article/write-up on the Dr. Oz site that pretty much sums up how the episode went. Read it here:
Dr. Oz. Paleo Article

The best part of that article thingamajig though is the comments. I am so thrilled for the endless comments of people with inflammation based disorders that are convinced that trying paleo may help them. AMAZING! Ah-mazing.

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