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Thursday, April 18, 2013

It means I got lots of Vitamin D right? Ouch.

Even typing hurts. This is one of those moments where I am almost afraid to type all this out in fear of looking like an idiot but that's never stopped me before so....

So we went family camping with my daughter's American Heritage Girls troop. So when Saturday morning rolled around I brought out the sunscreen. I put it on my kids' faces and arms and necks and sent them off to their activities. I'm a good mom right?

Then.... Mrs. Paleo Crossfit Health-Obsessed Pretending I'm Super Mom had this internal dialogue with herself. And keep in mind that I had already slathered my children down. It went something like this:

"You haven't really been getting outside much and could use the Vitamin D. Those podcasts with those amazing looking paleo women who know everything that you listened to the other day were talking about how you won't get Vit. D if you slather sunscreen on. And all those chemicals all over your skin? Eek. That's so bad for you! Okay so maybe just a little on my face, ears, and back of the neck so I won't get burnt. You know you don't want to have to take Vit. D supplements Kim. Yeah you don't have the money for Vit. D supplements. You definitely know more than most people about how great Vit. D is for you so you need to set an example and not slather that all over yourself. Only those who don't read about Vit. D put sunscreen all over."

It went something like that. Some famous paleo person told you not to do it (though I doubt any of those amazing people said to go get burnt to a crisp), pride, vanity, you will look awesome being too cool for sunscreen. Pride cometh before the fall right? And yeah I look awesome alright. Awe-some.

Well no one has to guess that I'm an idiot and burnt to a crisp head-to-toe. Head. To. Toe. Face, chest, arms, legs, burnt. A picture? Okay off to grab my phone because well the only thing that really interests anyone is a picture of just how sunburned someone is. That's the fun part right?

The irony in it all? All that Vitamin D my body made? Yeah well it's now being devoted to help repair the insane damage to the largest organ in my body that I managed to accomplish. And I get the honor of going to the box and looking like a big sunburned fool to do my WOD.


  1. I love this pic - and have really enjoyed reading your blog this evening! :-)

  2. Thanks Charlotte! It's a work in progress for sure. And wowza was this a painful burn. Vanity gets ya every time.

  3. How much were you in the sun????

    We don't use sunscreen much. Not even during the week for swim practices. But we for sure did on Saturday when we were there from 7am until 1pm! I just need to need to buy some better sunscreen. And soon. You know the ... kind that doesn't say "may cause cancer" on the side. *eyeroll

  4. I am so proud of you woman!!! I'm trying to educate right now-I must do the same-non inflam- cause I am drowning in fatigue and inflammation pain!!!!!!!Love ya!