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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick and Easy Paleo - Stir Fry with Salmon

Move over horribleness raviolis. In my quest to find an easy "grab frozen food" and run home to make a quick meal quest that I thought was hopeless I have already found one!

Start to finish this meal took me 20 minutes. That's how long it took me to boil water, cook the horribleness raviolis, heat up some canned tomatoes for sauce, and mix. 20 minutes. Tops. And if you don't use a million bags of veggies like I did to feed our large brood, it might even take less time!

Here's the players and general pricing. I know prices vary across the country but Aldi's tend to be pretty close regardless of where you are so I'll give our price without tax to give you a ballpark. Everything was from Aldi's and we won't discuss organic vs. nonorganic at the moment. I have six kids and used a bag of green beans and a half (should have just used both bags), two bags of stir fry, and the whole bag of salmon.

And hey look - brewing kombucha and bottles of kombucha hanging out in the background. And a fish bowl. Notice the low water? The cats climb on my counter EW and drink water from the fish bowl. Poor fish. I have since refilled his bowl and fed him. He's happy now.

Frozen Stir Fry - this stir fry comes with baby corn as well as a packet of sauce and I pick out both. Even my three-year-old say "corn corn! Get it out!" as he's my finder when I pour the bag out. Price: $3.70 Now the stir fry came with sliced water chestnuts in it but I found an old can in the pantry so I threw those in too. Those cost about $0.70 only. Water chestnuts are downright yummy and any excuse to throw a can is a good thing.

Frozen Green Beans - I eat more of these on a daily basis than I care to admit. Price - $1.50 (what a terrible picture!)

Frozen Wild Caught Salmon - these aren't amazing as just a filet to eat with dinner in my opinion but in soup or stir fry or whatnot it is a score being wild caught and cheap cheap.

Sunbutter - Legume free butter that I am growing to love more than ever. Truly it was delicious in this dinner. I had more raves about this batch with sunbutter than I ever have before. Truly. Price - $4 though I only used a couple scoops. I couldn't find the brand I used and forgot to take a picture. This brand is a little more expensive but if you can't find it at the store this is the way to go. Though this has some natural sugar in it. Hmm I wonder if my brand does! I don't think so but now when the rubber meets the road I'm not sure if I looked. Drat. Image is clickable.

Spices and whatnot - ginger powder, apple cider vinegar, honey, fish sauce, sesame oil, salt (and honestly if I hadn't been out of it I would have used coconut aminos instead of salt), garlic powder, and onion powder. Most of these things everyone has laying around in their spice cabinet.

I don't have a recipe to share persay as I didn't use one nor do I think one is needed. Heat up your pan to high heat. The veggies are frozen so they will keep that pan cool for a good while. Throw a little fat in the bottom of a large bottomed pan. I used pastured lard :) Throw the green beans in for about 5 minutes with some salt . They take longer to cook than the rest of the stir fry so they go for about 5 minutes first. Dump your bags of stir fry in. Sprinkle ginger powder, garlic powder, and onion powder on the veggies. Salt to taste. At this point lower to medium high heat if it starts to feel like the pan is a tad hot. No burning the veggies :)

Open all the salmon and throw them in a pan deep enough to cover them with water. Sprinkle a TBSP of ginger and about that of salt in the water. Turn up and simmer until about when the veggies are done cooking. They should be light pink in the middle. Feel free to cut one open and see. Turn off until needed.

Once the veggies are done, Splash in some apple cider vinegar, a few dashes of fish sauce if you have it, few dashes of sesame oil, and a few big dollops of honey. Taste for salt. Those veggies eat a lot of salt and I had to use a lot. But better too little than too much~! Then scoop some sunbutter and stir. The sunbutter makes the sauce stick to all the veggies. Taste!!! Adjust as needed - I'm NO help am I? Next time I will do a recipe I guess. Blech.

Once to taste, throw the salmon in the pot, break it up into bite-sized pieces and mix. Then eat! I didn't take any amazing super fancy pictures but here it what it looked like done. A food blogger I am NOT lol!

The wreckage left behind....

I know this is an epic fail in terms of a recipe but I do feel accomplished that despite not being organic and fancy I made a quick, affordable meal that was paleo, healthy, and delicious. Now to find more....

Next time I make this I will mark down amounts and come back and amend this post I think. What say you?

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