This blog is going to try and answer the million questions I get about how I manage to afford eating paleo with six kids and "What do you EAT?!" and the even more asked question of "What do your kids eat?!", throw in an occasional "How do you have time to cook three meals a day?" We live a normal and crazy life with a house full of crazy kids, endless laundry, weeds in the garden, and a growing desire to not be satisfied with poor health. I homeschool, garden, Crossfit, eat paleo, have SIX kids, three dogs, lots of chickens, love the Lord, and am trying to honor Him through finding true health both physical and spiritual.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My amazing daughter's amazing box jump!

My amazing beast of a daughter did a 32.5 inch box jump tonight at our box Crossfit Old South. She truly is amazing. Her first major box jump goal is three feet. Mine was jumping on that measly 20" box. I mean we did a crazy metcon tonight and on the third round, she managed 18, count that EIGHTEEN, Bar-facing Burpees on that third round in a minute. I was sucking wind with my 10 in that last minute. She's a beast in the making I tell you what. I'm taking applications for marriage in ten years.

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